7. 12. 2018

Penitenziagite, Snøgg

KVŠ Zakon
Organizator: KVŠ Zakon

V veselem decembrskem duhu se nam obeta praznično slavje, za katerega bodo tokrat poskrbeli Penitenziagite in pa Snøgg! Oglasite se na kuhančku in medenjakih ob poslušanju prijetne božične glasbe!

Snøgg is an experimental black metal band from Velenje, Slovenia formed in late 2013. Originally band consisted of only two members, Ulv and Mørke, although they are known to host featured members and guests.

They call their music free-ride black metal, as they take no boundaries in discovering the vast soundscapes of black metal and other surrounding extreme and alternative genres. 
In nearly 5 years of existence they have released one demo and three EP's.

Penitenziagite started out in 2004 under a different lineup and an even more diverse style. Their style of black/death metal was well known for their diverse double vocals. With that lineup, Penitenziagite self-produced their first garage demo. At this time their style also started changing from black/death metal to more pure death metal with the legacy of the past influences.
Studio sessions and mastering of their debut album was finished in 2014. Songs on the record are brutal combination of the work that Penitenziagite produced during the years. Album brings out the message of delusion humanity reached, expressed with brutal vocals, angry rhythms and fast and diverse riffs that help create the atmosphere of destructive state humanity was pushed in.

Damage: nečlani 3 €, člani 2 €

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