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29. 12. 2017

Illdisposed, Fallen Utopia, Erebos, Epsilon

VolXhaus, Celovec, Avstrija
Organizator: Rockverein Liebenfels

In Klagenfurt, the year ends with a celebration of Death Metal!

Illdisposed (Denmark): Made famous by their divine mid-tempo Death Metal and brutal live shows, the five Danes return to Carinthia to spearhead the evening. A massive performance with a hint of self-irony is guaranteed.

Fallen Utopia (Carinthia): After a longer break to finish their upcoming studio album, Fallen Utopia return to present the new disc, which includes 12 brand-new tracks. For the first time, the band will play a completely new set, including both new material and seasoned classics. Prepare to be shaken by their fresh, raw energy.

Erebos (Styria): Since 2012, Erebos from Murau have become an indispensable part of Austria's Metal scene, famous for their mighty beats and massive walls of sound. The Styrian natives are currently working on their new album, which will bear the name "Heretic". They are looking forward to destroying Klagenfurt.

Epsilon (Lower Austria): The groovy thrash metal band Epsilon from the capital of Lower Austria is well known in the austrian metalscene. They created their very own individual sound and offer energetic live-shows.

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